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    • 2017Year
      The company successfully developed precision-forming wear-resistant shaft sleeve.
    • 2016Year
      The company was listed on the New OTC Market with the stock code of 835792.
    • 2016Year
      Corrosion-resistant oversized nickel-based carbide sealing rings was approved by the ministry.
    • 2015Year
      The company successfully developed anti-radiation mechanical seal ring material for nuclear main pump.
    • 2014Year
      The company began to implement lean production management and achieved success; the draft industry standard JB/T11958-2014 was released and implemented.
    • 2014Year
      The production base of KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD was completed and put into operation.
    • 2013Year
      The company obtained the first SSR certification of American BH company in the world.
    • 2012Year
      The company's sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time.
    • 2011Year
      The production base of KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD started.
    • 2010Year
      The company was the first to successfully develop precision-forming card sealing ring in China.
    • 2008Year
      A headquarters base was established in Chengdu due to development needs.
    • 2007Year
      The company established its future development goals (becoming a listed company) and successfully introduced strategic investors.
    • 2006Year
      The company took the lead in mass production of series of titanium-based carbide wear-resistant parts in China.
    • 2005Year
      Chengdu KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD (Dayi Company) was established.
    • 1993Year
      The company completed the restructuring.
    • 1993Year
      The company took the lead in mass production of series of nickel-based carbide wear-resistant parts in China.
    • 1988Year
      KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD was founded in 1988 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan.
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